By their nature, our fitness products promote the health and well-being of individual people. In addition, we believe they can create positive impacts on communities, the environment, and our employees.

Our Products

Our Products

Energy efficiency

The majority of our products, including ellipticals, steppers, and bikes, are self-powered. Simply by working out, the user generates all the power the machine needs to operate, power its display and entertainment options, and run its fan. In 2011, we launched the industry’s first self-powered console with a 15” integrated television. We continue to invest in research and development to further reduce the energy consumption of our treadmills.

Material selection

Our products are manufactured and sold globally, so they are subject to the health and safety laws of many different governments. We strive to apply the strictest, most protective regulations to all our products, not just in the places that require it. For example, the European Union limits the use of six harmful substances with the RoHS directive; our products comply with RoHS whether they’re sold in the EU or elsewhere. In North America, California limits the level of formaldehyde that can be emitted by composite wood products; all our products sold in North America meet this limit.

We are always investigating new ways to make better material choices, including the use of recycled materials and how to make our products easier to recycle.


We design our products to get the most function out of the least material. For example, through thoughtful design and intelligent use of materials, in 2008 we introduced a commercial treadmill that weighed 23% less than the model it replaced and had a 52% smaller shipping size, which resulted in less container utilization and fuel consumption.

Product reuse

Our high-quality, long-lived fitness equipment performs well over time, reducing the number of replacements customers need to purchase and the corresponding expense and environmental impact. On request, we connect gym operators with our second-hand dealer contacts to facilitate the reuse of our equipment.

Inclusive fitness

Most cardio offerings at gyms, from machines to group fitness, require use of the lower body, limiting options for athletes in wheelchairs and those rehabilitating lower body injuries. The Johnny G Krankcycle® by Matrix provides a fun and engaging way to work out that uses the upper body and arms instead of the legs, allowing people with different physical abilities to participate.

In our experience developing the Krankcycle, we realized we wanted to help people with physical disabilities not just participate in fitness, but lead and instruct group classes, lending their unique abilities to challenge and motivate the other participants. We now support the non-profit Project VisAbility to find jobs for capable individuals with physical challenges as exercise instructors and leaders in health and fitness.

Culture of health and well-being

Fitness isn’t just about belonging to a gym. Many schools, corporate facilities, hotels, and other public and private institutions are recognizing the importance of promoting health and well-being. Organizations do this most effectively by making it easy to be healthy, including by offering healthy food and convenient workout options. These organizations can use fitness equipment from JHT to foster a culture of health and well-being that benefits the whole community.